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Just wanted to share with you

Beverley is the kind of angel you meet once in your life and will since then always follow you in your adventures. She sent us an email yesterday and we wanted to share it with you as it is so true...

"Just had an idea. Don't know how much of the school construction is over, but if it still at the brick building stage, might be inspiring, for all the hundreds of children who are part of these first years of TDP to each write their names on a brick. It doesn't matter if it is plastered over but one day you will be able to tell them, they wrote their names in the history of the Dhaka Project. And their own future.
When I met Mariam, the young Uni student I wrote you about, it was after 8 years, she was still in school when I met her for the first and only time before this. And the first thing she tells me is that when I spoke to her 8 years
ago I inspired her about what she wanted to do with her studies and life. I don't remember but she did. Children remember things that make them feel inspired, they take responsibility for their lives.

A friend told me how years ago when a friend and his 10 year old son were visiting, it was raining in London all day so she took them for a ballet movie. 8 years later that boy returned to London, stayed with her as he studied ballet and he told her that years ago when he visited with his dad, a woman took them for a ballet movie and that's when he knew what he wanted to do in life. That's when he found out he was back in the same house with the same person who took him for that life-altering movie."

Please share with us your ideas. We need you!

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