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New Dhaka Project Rickshaws

Transport in Dhaka is difficult. I don't even talk about traffic as you need to experience it yourself ;-). Getting a rickshaw is ok but for the tuktuk or taxi, we need to ask them first if they are ok to go where we need to go. Also yesterday I was really upset as as soon the driver sees me, he increases the price saying that his meter is not working etc... really annoying. So, we have decided also in the process of developping the guest house and start the tourism company, to get our own transport. Yesterday have been delivered 2 brand new rickshaws decorated in the tradition way but with the Dhaka Project "Touch". Next step, the car ;-)))



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One of the serious problem in Dhaka is uncontrol Ricksha. Ricksha is number one cause of traffic jam in Dhaka. So Dhaka City Corporation has stopped to give any permission for any more Ricksha in this city. How Dhaka project is doing such illegal activities? Creating new Ricksha without permission of Dhaka City Corporation.

Posted by: Ali | 02/14/2008

Dear Mister Ali,
You seem to know very well Dhaka. So you should know that the restriction is only available for the roads. And as you certainly know, The Dhaka Project is located in a remote area where 99% of the transportation possible instead of walking 1 hour, is Rickshaw. We will be very happy to welcome you and experience our legal beautiful new rickshaw.

Posted by: Florence | 02/14/2008

i agree with florence on this matter.. ive been their and i experienced it ... please mr. ali go their and check it out your self :)

Posted by: bader | 03/03/2008

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