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Help us to give them the basic living condition

If we follow the same topic of safety for example to avoid ladies or men to get burnt as Chiqa, we need to talok about the families living conditions.


I am not even talking about the adults but the full family including our children. It seems that there is more and more cases of scabies in the village but you see where they live and how they live, you are not surprised. One family and especially the baby gets every 2 months scabies even after treatment. OF COURSE! If the hygiene rules are not followed, if the full house is not desinfected and the full family treated, scabies comes back.

Yesterday, we have decided to take action regarding this family with the sick baby. Before starting, we sent the team buying new beds, matress and mosquito nets. Then, 5 of us went there as a commando with gloves, water drums and bleach. We took all the furniture out of the house.... put all the dishes and everything that could be washed in big drums full of water and bleach. All the rest has been burnt! No other choice.
Just removing the furniture and all the dirt awaked hundreds of huuuuge cockroaches and red ants... Yeurkkk!

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