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In the name of the Dhaka Project Community I wish to express a special thank you to you all, volunteers, partners, sponsors for your precious help. Without you nothing would have been possible. The Dhaka Project can only exist and grow because of your generosity. Last year achievements at TDP have shown that we have reached another level but we still have a tremendous task to achieve.
Forgive me if I cannot name all of you but I wanted to send a unique reward to Emirates Airline and Emirates Foundation for sending 3 500 blankets and brand new toys, to SWIFT who helped us to send free of charge 1600 kilos of Donation to Dhaka, to Crew Dubai which dedicated 2 pages per month to our project and update through articles on what is happening in the project and also a special thank you to the Security Guards of my building. Because of their help, we could manage to receive, store and pack tons of goods needed for the project. They have been truly supportive showing unselfish commitment, dedication and loyalty to the extent of looking after my apartment when I was away in Dhaka for a long period of time.
To all of you from around the world who are volunteers to the Dhaka Project, thank you for the hard work you have done on the field and also in Dubai. The project welcomed this year 50 people from many different countries showing that charity and helping others has no borders.
And finally, I wanted to thank 7days and their team of journalists. You have done a tremendous job to help us this year with many articles and updates. Because of you we have been able to increase significantly the amounts of donations.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart

They need you, we need you

Maria Conceicao
Founder of The Dhaka Project

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